October, 2013

Should You Talk to the Widow?

After someone has died, neighbours, friends and colleagues from work may be unable to talk to you about the deceased, the funeral and any other matters relating to those subjects. People are worried they may say the wrong thing and may try and avoid a widow or family member when they meet them outside of home or work. While it is true that many people do struggle to talk about death, it is usually helpful for those closest to the deceased person to talk with friends, neighbours and colleagues about the person who has died. They may ask about whether a pre-paid funeral plan exists or if the deceased had any particular final wishes. They want to ask questions about the funeral and may be afraid to ask. Those that do step forward to ask you about ways in which they can help you at this time, will be of a great help to you and if there are any tasks which require completing, these may just be the right people that can help you at this time. As soon as the ice is broken with the people closely affected by the death, most individuals will find that it is better to talk about the subject than to avoid it and people who have lost someone close to them recently will be pleased to talk rather than being left alone at a time of great...

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Is Embalming a Green Issue?

There are many people that suggest that embalming a person is ecologically unsound. On the opposite side of the argument, there is no particular evidence that suggest that embalming is unkind to the environment. What is embalming? When a person dies, the body begins to decompose. To help it remain looking in good condition, an embalmer will replace the blood with an embalming fluid, which is a mixture of chemicals and water. The last part of an embalmer’s role is to empty the stomach and finally wash the person’s hair and apply make up where necessary, so that they look good for any visitors. Green activists will tell you that the embalming fluid will either be sent into the air via a cremation or eventually find its way into the ground via a burial. This could lead to the chemicals ending up in underground rivers. The more dangerous chemicals are said to evaporate and, therefore, won’t cause any harm, but alternative chemicals are available for a less dangerous option. As part of your pre-planned funeral you can discuss whether you require embalming or not. It will almost certainly be included within your pre-paid funeral costs, whether you choose to use the option, or not.   Related articles I Embalmed My...

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How Much Time Off Work When Someone Dies?

Most businesses will give you some time off work if you’re going to a close family member’s funeral, but many will refuse your application to attend a funeral, if the person who died, isn’t that close to you. What if the death is your partner? Companies should understand that everyone is an individual and that the amount of time of off work required varies considerably. Surely it’s better to have an employee return to work when they are mentally and emotional able to function well? Will the business suffer if the employee has to return to work too quickly? You can look at what’s best for you and what’s best for the person who has died before deciding when you should return to work. What needs doing at home that is more important than at work? Who are you going to be the most use to; your family or your workplace? You may need to learn improved negotiating skills with your boss at a time of worry, stress and while you are grieving. You might need to let your boss know all about your pre-paid funeral plan and how you’ve saved them time by organising the day in...

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