5 tasks to complete late in life

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5 tasks to complete late in life
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Forbes, an American business magazine, has used an article to suggest that people should have four main plans as they approach their last few years on this earth. They carefully detail the reasons why these four plans are vital to your latter years.

  1. Write your will
  2. Complete a Living Will
  3. Stop holding a grudge
  4. Compile a bucket list
  5. …….. Pre-Paid Funeral Plan

These sensible suggestions can be applied to anyone, at almost any age.

We can deal with the first two for you, writing your Last Will and Testament and your Living Will, also known as an advance directive, but you’ll need to write your own lists for the latter two tasks.

There should be a fifth task on the list, that of purchasing a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan. By paying in advance you will know how much money you have left to complete your bucket list. Your family will have peace of mind in knowing that your wishes can be carried out exactly and they will understand that your were financially astute to buy at today’s prices to ensure that inflation doesn’t wreck the funds and property you intend to leave to friends, family and charities.


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