A Perfect End to a Great Life Story.

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A Perfect End to a Great Life Story.
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Some life stories are just so good, they should be shared among the greater population. This is the story of Bert and Mary Barnsley who were married on Christmas Day in 1943; they remained married for 70 years, and died within a week of each other, the latter, probably because of the first death.

Hollywood would be proud of professional screenwriting techniques to clarify that the couple’s funeral was held at the same church in which they married, 70 years ago.

The story was recently reported by the Daily Mail.

We have no idea if the couple had organised funeral plans in advance, but this does offer a perfect set of circumstances where organising a funeral plan in advance would have ensured that their wishes would have been carried out exactly as they would have wanted.

Their family may have known and understood exactly what was required and we hope this was so, but many couples do not have the opportunity to understand how important it is to organise a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan, as, in this example, the person who lived the longest would not have had the opportunity to arrange the funeral for their dearly departed.

We can have no way of knowing or understanding what was right or wrong for this couple, but it would appear that a joint funeral would be perfect for these circumstances.

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