Thank you for visiting our website. We aim to provide all that you need to know to make informed choices of how to arrange your prepaid funeral in advance and save your family and friends the grief of trying to guess what you had wanted, when the time arrives.

It’s natural that you would look to seek help, advice and support when you are arranging a funeral for yourself or for someone close to you. For most people this is a task you only have to complete once or twice in your lifetime.

We’re here to help you.

We wish to make your planning easy for you. We’ll share all of our knowledge with you, which will make the planning and procedures so much easier. We can help you complete everything by email or post, but if you’d prefer to meet with one of our experts in person, that, of course, can be arranged.

We understand that most people have to work within a sensible budget, so we’ll show you what you can do for your own size of budget as preparing sooner rather than later can save you thousands of pounds.

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