Bigger Graves and Coffins Required

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Bigger Graves and Coffins Required
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Rochford Council, in Essex, are going through the stages of updating their regulations so that bigger graves can be dug, where appropriate. This is because of the fact that as people gradually get larger, bigger coffins and larger grave spaces are being required.

The new graves will be dug 10’ long by 4’ wide, which is about 10% bigger. Where people require an even larger grave space, they will be allowed to purchase two adjoining graves to provide them with sufficient land and a grave big enough for any coffins.

Most people understand that the adult population has been increasing in size for some time with many people now registering as obese on the weight scale. According to Rochford’s figures, 25.4% of their population are obese and this figure is only a little higher than the national average.

The additional grave space ensures that there isn’t a collapse when coffins have been lowered into the ground where two grave places are too close to each other.

Coffins have been available in much larger sizes for some time and if this matter concerns you, you should discuss it in detail with the funeral director selected as part of your prepaid funeral plan.

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