Buried, Cremated or … Frozen

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Buried, Cremated or … Frozen
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You are probably already aware of your main choices after you die; do you wish to be buried or cremated, or would you like to be frozen until someone can find a cure for your illness?

The kind people over at Remember A Charity want to know if you want to live forever. One person will be chosen to be frozen until medical science is able to retrieve them. As an alternative, you can choose to make a £1000 donation to charity, as the organisation essentially promotes the positive use of including a legacy within your will, so that a charity will receive money from your estate after you die.

Using the cryonics technique, you will be frozen to -320 Fahrenheit, where you can be maintained in those circumstances until science has developed sufficiently to be able to restore you and solve your issues.

The Live Forever website simply asks “ Do you want to live forever?” By clicking on the yes or no, you can add your details to enter the competition for the opportunity to be cryogenically frozen.

Quoting from Rob Cope, Director at Remember A Charity“Leaving a gift in a Will isn’t an easy topic to tackle, however, posing the question ‘do you want to live forever’ does make it a little easier to handle. We hope this campaign makes it clear that freezing yourself isn’t the only way to live forever. After taking care of your loved ones, including your favourite charity in your Will will help ensure the things you care about can live on.”

Planning to leave your assets to charity is an important issue, just as preplanning your funeral and your funeral arrangements will help you and your family prepare for the inevitable, unless freezing of your body is your preferred option. Every legacy to a charity, after your death, helps good work continue all over the world. Should you choose to be frozen for a number of decades or even centuries, success will mean that you can meet family who will only have heard about you, through history.

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