Can You Gift Your Kindle Collection In A Will?

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Can You Gift Your Kindle Collection In A Will?
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As you upload an MP3 copy of the Beatles famous long player, “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”, to your favourite cloud app, retrieval of John Lennon’s great song, “A Day in The Life”, after your death, will not be amongst your major thoughts at the time of upload. Perhaps it should be, because your rights to the file are almost certainly not as you would expect.

Where you devoured printed books, DVDs and CDs, you own the property and can use them during your lifetime before leaving them in your will to a specific person or charity. With digital files, what you own is a licence to use the digital files and those rights expire when you die.

In reality, you will have to ensure that people have access to your files in the cloud, after you die, if they are to download your e-book’s, MP3s and video files. For this, they will need your passwords and you’ll need to continually update those people either with where you keep your passwords or with the actual keystrokes so they can access your files after your death.

This brings about a second problem, because the files may be kept in a cloud facility where an annual payment is required for continual access. Where you leave an extensive digital collection of e-book’s, videos and MP3s, the people you leave behind may have to download your entire collection and move it to their own data collection in the sky.

While people still do purchase printed books, DVDs and CDs, the numbers are declining rapidly as people move towards purchasing and downloading digital files. Previously, individuals stored the digital files on their hard drive, but with the move towards mobile phone and tablet use to hoard ever larger collections, a cloud account is required as mobile phones and tablet computers have small storage facilities, which means that you are keeping most of your files elsewhere.

Apart from opening up entire conversations about all of your online data, passwords and digital storage, it is important that your Last Will and Testament is up-to-date to ensure that the right people will receive the right amount, at the right time.




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