Cost of Dying Increases Each year

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Cost of Dying Increases Each year
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A cost of dying survey, by Sun Life Direct, suggests that it’s not only the cost of the physical cremation or burial that you need to consider when you organise a funeral, but all of the associated costs including the wake, flowers, printed orders of service, fees for the doctor’s certificate , an urn – if it’s a cremation, the hire of limousines and facilities to visit the deceased.

Sun Life funeral cost chart

Instead of expecting a funeral to cost you around £3,500 for a cremation in 2014 (and perhaps a few hundred more for a burial) they suggest that the total cost is likely to be nearer to £7,600, so your plans to source the funds for the funeral will require a dramatic increase in expectations.

They show a graph within their report which clearly shows that funeral inflation has been around 80% between 2004 and the middle of 2013.

By arranging a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan, you will be fixing the funeral director’s costs at today’s prices, protecting you against inflation.

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