Does Your Family Know Your Funeral Wishes?

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Does Your Family Know Your Funeral Wishes?
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How many of your family and friends know and understand all of your funeral wishes? The answer is likely to be a very small number as most people don’t like to discuss these matters in advance. There are also circumstances where people’s wishes are not the same decisions that family members take towards the end of a person’s life.

There is an excellent video on the Dying Matters website, which shows how families can make decisions that do not agree with the person who is unable to express their desires because they may be ill, in a coma or unable or unwilling to try to tell their family what their wishes are.

By writing down your own personal wishes for events while you are alive and after your death, you will relieve your family and friends from guessing what you really would have wanted.

A living will points out, legally, whether you want to be kept alive on a machine, when you are brain-dead.

A funeral plan will inform people whether you wish to be cremated or buried, take part in a religious or nonreligious funeral; prefer to be buried in a carefully planned woodland area or have your ashes scattered at sea.

The video is not necessarily easy watching, but it does make you think about the decisions that people make and how close they might be to what people really want.

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