Estate Planning All Over the World

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Estate Planning All Over the World
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For many people, the words “estate planning” may conjure up thoughts of large inheritances and tax shelters. But planning “isn’t just about death and taxes; it’s also about what happens if you get very sick and live.”

The Wall Street Journal informs its readers about ‘Four Estate-Planning Documents Everyone Should Have’ and that ‘Plans Aren’t Just About Inheritances and Tax Shelters.’

They go on to suggest that almost everyone would benefit from drawing up legal documents to protect  the living period of a person’s life (the only time you can be alive!) and with full estate planning, suggesting the need to look at Living Wills and Power of Attorney documents for both finances and health as well as the traditional planning via a Will.

The reason people need these documents in the US of A is just as relevant in the UK, as they probably are, in most jurisdictions across the world.

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