Funeral Advice

Funeral Advice

After the death of a close friend or family member, you may need advice and support to arrange the funeral and a service. There will be many considerations that require decisions being made before the funeral and service can go ahead.

  • A cremation or a burial?
  • Is there a green funeral option?
  • How do I scatter the ashes?
  • Where do I organize flowers?
  • What documents must be completed by law?
  • Who has the responsibility to notify others?

At this stage, the list of questions may appear endless, which is why we’ve filled these website pages listed below with lots of information to help answer your most urgent questions. You can search our blog to find answers to many of your questions.


Once you begin to deal with a funeral director, you will be in the capable hands of professionals who will guide you throughout the whole process.

Please visit our advice pages to find out more about funerals, arranging a funeral or planning in advance.