To view the deceased, or not?

To view the deceased, or not?

The decision of whether or not anyone wishes to see the person who has died is a personal one. We cannot advise you about your preference. Many people take comfort from visiting the chapel of rest and this brings ‘closure’ on the life of a person, whether a close friend, a family relation or if it was someone else that was important to you. The closure may allow some people to begin another stage of their life, understanding and believing that the person in question, is in fact, dead.

The counter argument is that the viewing of the deceased may become an image that remains in your brain, for life. How will smaller children cope, over the short or longer term after viewing the deceased?

If you want to view the deceased then the procedures are quite straight forward.

At home or at the funeral directors?

You will need to consider whether the person is to rest at home or at the funeral director’s home and who among family and friends may wish to see them.

At the hospital

If death occurs in hospital, and you would like to see the person who has died, let the hospital staff know and they will make the necessary arrangements.

Clearly, whatever decision you make will live with you for life as you will be unable to change your mind after the cremation or burial has completed.