What to do When Someone Dies Suddenly

What to do When Someone Dies Suddenly

When someone dies suddenly, the next actions are quite different to when someone was expected to die at home, in a hospital or in a nursing home.

Where you are unsure what to do next, ask people in authority (police officers, ambulance crew, your doctor) who will be able to guide you.

If you discover a body or the death is sudden or unexpected, you should contact the following people (if known):

  • the family doctor

  • the deceased’s nearest relative

  • the deceased’s minister of religion

  • the police, who will help find the people listed above if necessary

If the death was violent or accidental, or if there are unusual circumstances or the cause of death is not known for certain, or there is any reason to suspect that the death was not due to natural causes, contact the police immediately. Do not touch the body or anything nearby, or remove anything from the area.

The death may be referred to the coroner for further investigations.

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