Have You Planned For Your Funeral?

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Have You Planned For Your Funeral?
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Just one person in nine has confirmed that their funeral wishes are known and understood sufficiently by members of their own family. According to research conducted by Dying Matters, just 70% of people suggest that they are comfortable discussing the subjects surrounding death. Almost as alarming is the fact that just 35% of people have made a will and 11% have confirmed their funeral wishes in writing.

When the National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD) researched their own people, they found that 42% of funeral directors hadn’t even made plans for their own funeral. This doesn’t mean that they haven’t made arrangements in advance, but they have failed to inform those close to them.

Writing down your funeral wishes, perhaps by using the leaflet that you can download for free on the Dying Matters website, is a good first step to helping those around you understand more about your funeral wishes.

Nevertheless, purchasing a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan is a perfect way to organise all of your arrangements in advance. This will provide peace of mind for those you leave behind because they will not have to worry about wondering what arrangements you would have preferred.

Getting your last testament and will written is helpful in stating some of your funeral wishes, but they are only wishes and do not bind anyone to your words.

The NAFD research is in line with the British Social Attitudes Survey 2012, which revealed older people are becoming more likely to make their end of life wishes known. If applied to the whole British population, the findings showed that an additional 200,000 people aged 55-75 reported feeling comfortable talking about death compared with 2009, and an extra 400,000 in the same age bracket had discussed their end of life wishes.

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