How Eco-Friendly is Your Cremation?

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How Eco-Friendly is Your Cremation?
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The UK newspaper, The Guardian, has published a story about eco-friendly funerals.

Listed among their ten top tips is an alternative to a cremation, with a view to reducing the carbon footprint during the process and chemical based gases into the atmosphere.

Here’s what they have to say about this subject called Resomation


Dealing with ashes aside, an alternative to cremation comes in the form of resomation, which uses alkaline hydrolysis instead of fire to break down the body chemically, reducing a funeral’s greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 35%, according to Sustain. The sterile, DNA-free liquid that results, is returned to the water cycle while the accompanying bone ash remains go in an urn to give to loved ones. The process needs to be regulated before it can take place, it is currently available in some US states and the company is awaiting the outcome of an approach to the UK government.

The company involved,  Resomation Ltd, are based in Scotland.

Once you read this explanation, you can’t help but think of those gangster films where, after a murder, the cleanup crew use acid in a bath to disintegrate a body so the hotel employees won’t find anything untoward during housekeeping.

Of course, this is nothing like that scenario, but it will be interesting to see how many people choose this method when they consider their funeral plan arrangements.  The lack of Ashes apart from the ashes from the bones, may be a problem for some cultures, but it is an interesting subject to follow and to see if it catches on. It’s encouraging that people are trying to consider alternatives for funerals and to encourage a more green attitude about death and the funeral plan.

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