How Much Time Off Work When Someone Dies?

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How Much Time Off Work When Someone Dies?
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Most businesses will give you some time off work if you’re going to a close family member’s funeral, but many will refuse your application to attend a funeral, if the person who died, isn’t that close to you.

What if the death is your partner?

Companies should understand that everyone is an individual and that the amount of time of off work required varies considerably. Surely it’s better to have an employee return to work when they are mentally and emotional able to function well? Will the business suffer if the employee has to return to work too quickly?

You can look at what’s best for you and what’s best for the person who has died before deciding when you should return to work. What needs doing at home that is more important than at work? Who are you going to be the most use to; your family or your workplace?

You may need to learn improved negotiating skills with your boss at a time of worry, stress and while you are grieving. You might need to let your boss know all about your pre-paid funeral plan and how you’ve saved them time by organising the day in advance.

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