How to Design Your Funeral

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How to Design Your Funeral
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For many people, a funeral is an opportunity to arrange a fitting tribute to the person that has recently died. It has become more popular in recent years to design a service sheet for the occasion which everyone can take away as an appropriate souvenir

Designing your service sheet

You can design and personalise your service sheet after considering the nature and beliefs of the deceased. If they held a lifelong love of The Beatles, there’s no reason why you can’t include a Beatles song during the service and perhaps use a (legally purchased) background image of the Beatles on the cover of your service sheet, for example.

Using memorial pictures

Memorial pictures are often used at a funeral service as a point of contact from the past and to the future. These Memorial pictures can then be moved to a specific location, perhaps, where the ashes are to be held, before being scattered.

Some modern designs hold a secret panel within the framework, for the ashes, which is particularly useful for people who have decided not to scatter some or all of the ashes, but have decided to frame the picture on a wall.

Designing the ashes casket

Ashes caskets can be designed with the same layout and printing as the service sheet and in some cases, the coffin itself. These personalised designs can include the person’s name, the date, a particular favourite picture and a special message.

It’s up to you how you design your funeral, but perhaps the first stage is to prepare in advance and purchase a pre-paid funeral plan.


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