How To LocateYour Natural Burial Grave

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How To LocateYour Natural Burial Grave
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Where you have chosen a natural burial ground, you will almost certainly not be allowed to mark the area where the grave is or tend to the area. Within the terms of the agreement you will not be able to place a permanent or temporary headstone.

This is because you are entering into the spirit of a natural burial. The law will require that the actual position of the grave is recorded accurately and in modern times you will be able to find its exact position by using the GPS on your mobile phone, perhaps by using a microchip that is buried along with the body or using old-fashioned methods, like a tape measure.

However, from the day you purchased your prepaid funeral plan where you planned your funeral in advance, you may find some natural burial grounds that might allow you to use a temporary marker; preferably, one made of wood so that all of nature is preserved.

It is important to remember that the whole location stands as a burial ground and while individuals are buried there, it is the whole site that is the memorial to the deceased.

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