Legal Advice

Legal Advice

Legal Services We are able to offer professional help and advice on these important subjects and provide you with a range of legal services that will assist you to prepare for the possibility of becoming severely ill and cannot manage your own finances and health issues. We’ll help you put your Last Will and Testament in place, Probate for your estate after your death and Living Wills for those who won’t wish to prolong living when there is no quality of life.

There is a range of legal service that prove to be most useful for people who are also considering planning for their funeral.

Lasting Power of Attorney
The main reason people choose to complete a Lasting Power of Attorney is so that you have nominated a person or people in advance who will be able to make decisions on your behalf when you are unable or incapacitated. Click here for help.

Ordinary/General Power of Attorney
There are times when you need someone else to look after your financial affairs. This can be completed by giving the person you implicitly trust – an Ordinarily Power of Attorney; it’s called a General Power of Attorney, in Scotland. Click here for advice.

Living Will
Also known as an Advance Directive, the document helps you choose and direct how to make health decisions on your behalf when you’re no longer capable of making those decisions yourself. It will suggest to doctors and hospitals that you wish to refuse certain types of treatment, so that you may bring an end to intolerable suffering. Alternately, the document may specify experimental treatment which you will accept to try and prolong your life in an acceptable manner. Click here for advice.

Joint Tenancy Severance
When you own your property jointly with someone else, either as a married couple, friends or partners for life, you will have chosen (whether you remember or not,) one of two different types of ways of owning your home (or other property.)

What if you need to go into a nursing home, divorce or wish to ensure your children eventually receive your home in a Will? Go here for advice.

Will Writing

Will Writing; an essential ingredient in making sure that you leave your financial affairs, assets and wealth properly managed and position, please click here Enduring Power of Attorney; who would look after your finances if you couldn’t do just that, yourself, be it only for a short time period (after an accident, perhaps)) or the rest of your life. To find out more, please click here.


Probate; after someone dies getting together the necessary paperwork from many sources proves demanding in a stressful time. Let us lead you to someone who can help you, please click here.

Legal Fees
To view our current charges and fees, please click here.