Living Will

Living Will

A Living Will is often known as an Advance Directive. Essentially they are the same document. Once your document is signed and witnessed correctly, it provides you with a certain amount of say in the way that you are treated before you die, in circumstances where death is otherwise, predictable.

The original document will clarify who you choose to make health decisions on your behalf, when you’re no longer capable of making those decisions yourself. It will suggest to doctors and hospitals that you wish to refuse certain types of treatment, so that you may bring an end to intolerable suffering. Alternately, the document may specify experimental treatment which you will accept to try and prolong your life in an acceptable manner.

Everyone dies eventually; it’s how that matters

The majority of people will finally die in a hospital after they have received considerable treatment which is all aimed to extend your life. The medical employees are bound by their ethics and duty to use everything within their power to keep you alive for as long as they can,  working within the regulations. This is often at loggerheads with the financial and emotional worries of both the patient and their loved ones.

A Living Will sets out the circumstances where you will be asking medical employees to either keep you alive or cease certain practices which you deem unnecessary. There is an obligation on medical employees to accept the contents of a legally valid Advance Directive/Living Will.

A Living Will is written in simple English so that your decisions are clear.

A Living Will or A Lasting Power of Attorney?

Living Wills act differently to a Lasting Power of Attorney because they are only involved with the refusal of health decisions towards the end of your life. In reality, they work well in conjunction with your Lasting Power of Attorney.

Living Will are NOT the same as Euthanasia 

A Living Will or Advance Directive should not be confused whatsoever with euthanasia, which is illegal in the UK. A Living Will does not provide an end to your life, or assisted suicide, but simply helps you refuse treatment that is extending your life, unnecessarily.

Your Living Will helps medical employees understand that you do not wish to preserve your life artificially and as a healthcare directive, it is  a legal expression of your views.

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