Will Writing

Will Writing

Everyone needs to have a professionally written Last Will and Testament, but why?

In the modern world our lives are complicated as people hold a mixture of assets, with property, bank accounts and other investments as well as debts to mortgage companies and credit cards. Family lives are no longer straightforward as many people either marry more than once or remain unmarried and have children with various partners. In all of the circumstances, writing your Last Will and Testament will make it far easier for the people you leave behind, to sort out your estate.

Without a Last Will and Testament, the government will decide who gets which part of your estate on your death and they may take a large share for themselves. A Will allows you to decide who gets the right amount, at the right time, especially where you do not wish to leave a large inheritance to young children and suggest trustees to manage the estate until the children are old enough to be able to cope.

Essentially, a Will lets you make decisions about what will happen to your money, your property and your possessions, after you die. A Will can also nominate who will look after your children if they are under the age of 18 at the time of your death.

English: Last Will and Testament of Tennessee ...

English: Last Will and Testament of Tennessee Williams (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Reduce your tax bill

The document can also be used as a very careful tax planner, particularly when considering Inheritance Tax and by structuring your Last Will and Testament correctly, you may be able to keep hold of more of your estate should you need to move into a nursing home.

Seek professional help

You can write your own Will or purchase a very cheap version online, but it is only by meeting with a professional, that they are able to ask you all of the necessary questions to ensure that your Will is written correctly. A mistake made because you didn’t take professional advice may cause your estate to suffer from a financial penalty.

Your document will be signed and witnessed by two people unrelated to you or your document to make it legally valid and you can update it quite easily by adding a codicil or writing a new Will at any time.

You can nominate one or more people to become your executor; this is the people who will sort out your estate after your death and distribute everything according to your terms.

There is only one original document so it is important that your Will is kept in a safe storage facility.

Funeral PlanAdvice.com do not write Wills, but we are in contact with professionals across the entirety of the UK who will be able to come and meet with you to discuss your requirements and ensure that your document is completed efficiently. You’ll know the cost of any of these legal services before agreeing to meet with a professional will writer.

As always, please contact us for further information about this necessary subject.