How to purchase a pre-paid funeral plan

How to purchase a pre-paid funeral plan

How To Apply:

  • Download our brochure, prices and other relevant information to be able to investigate which plans meet your individual needs, including the Terms of Sale.
  • Compare the different Pre-Paid Funeral Plans available.
  • Ask questions direct to us or ask a consultant to visit you at your home.
  • Decide which best suits your requirements.
  • Complete the application form and cheque
  • Give these to your consultant or send them direct to our head office
  • Receive the plan certificate
  • Let important people know you have purchased a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan; close family (or close friends where applicable), financial adviser, your will writer
  • Get on with the rest of your life knowing you’ve taken care of your funeral arrangements whenever it should occur, knowing that your close family and friends won’t have to worry about what type of funeral you may have wanted.
  • Having completed your Pre-Paid Funeral Plan purchase, you know exactly what funds you have in your savings to spend on life’s other bills and pleasures.
  • At all times, please feel free to ask anything that you need to know, anything that worries or concerns you, so that we can answer your query quickly and put help your mind at rest.

    If ever we feel that you shouldn’t purchase a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan, we’ll let you know. This would most likely be when you inform us that the time before your funeral is extremely short or  making payments for a plan would leave you in a difficult financial situation.

    Here’s the legal warning:

    Instalment plans should not be applied for unless the applicant is sure that payments will be kept up. Applicants with limited life expectancy or uncertainty about their financial ability to pay should not commence an instalment plan. The plan guarantees are not in force until the plan has been fully paid for. Please see the brochure and terms of sale for further details.