The Advantages of Paying for your Funeral, in Advance

The Advantages of Paying for your Funeral, in Advance
Here we list the most important benefits to purchasing a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan in advance of your need:

1. Your funeral will be arranged in advance with the funeral director’s costs guaranteed. The Funeral director’s costs are fixed by contract at the outset.

2. Your money is placed into a separate Trust Fund. Your money can only be used to purchase a funeral or returned to you.

3. Membership of the National Association of Pre-paid Funeral Plans. A Code of Conduct is managed by all those involved to ensure a high quality of customer care.

4. Flexible payments terms available. You can pay by lump sum, monthly or a mix of both.

5. You have put your financial affairs in order. You have one less major worry for your family.

6. No hidden extras. You will not be surprised, financially, later.

7. A guarantee of a full refund within one month if you change your mind. You cannot be pressurised into buying a pre-paid funeral plan. You can ask for and receive your money back.

8. You can personalise your plan to your own requirements. Where you wish to choose a horse drawn carriage or organise a green funeral, you can arrange it.

9. Peace of mind for you and those you leave behind. Those you leave behind won’t have to worry about what you might have wanted, for your funeral and service.

10. You can select the funeral director of your choice. Your funeral director can be chosen for you or you can choose to select one you know who have helped your family before.

Where you need help in arranging a suitable Pre-Paid Funeral Plan for you, your friends or family, you can contact us here or go direct to download all of the documents you will require.