What is a pre-paid funeral plan?

What is a pre-paid funeral plan?

By choosing a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan you are organising your own funeral to save your loved ones the stress and worry of making those funeral arrangements. You won’t have to agonise about inflation as the price you pay for the director’s fee is fixed at the outset.

It’s important to find out what a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan is, so that you can understand how it works and organise a plan that is right for you.

Pre-Paid Funeral Plans are designed to pay the funeral director’s fees at the time of your death, for the funeral that you have arranged in advance.

Most plans include a payment towards cremation or burial. They are designed to cover the cost of a cremation or put the same amount of money towards a burial. Burials are more costly.

A plan will give you the peace of mind of knowing that your funeral will be carried out in exactly the way that you had planned it.

Your family won’t be worried about guessing what you wanted or spending a considerable amount of distressing time, worrying about arranging your funeral, when they should be more concerned about their bereavement.

Once you have organised your own Pre-Paid Funeral Plan, your family won’t be forced into buying extra limousines and flowers or an expensive coffin from an assertive salesperson representing a funeral director’s business.

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