Is Embalming a Green Issue?

There are many people that suggest that embalming a person is ecologically unsound. On the opposite side of the argument, there is no particular evidence that suggest that embalming is unkind to the environment. What is embalming? When a person dies, the body begins to decompose. To help it remain looking in good condition, an embalmer will replace the blood with an embalming fluid, which is a mixture of chemicals and water. The last part of an embalmer’s role is to empty the stomach and finally wash the person’s hair and apply make up where necessary, so that they look good for any visitors. Green activists will tell you that the embalming fluid will either be sent into the air via a cremation or eventually find its way into the ground via a burial. This could lead to the chemicals ending up in underground rivers. The more dangerous chemicals are said to evaporate and, therefore, won’t cause any harm, but alternative chemicals are available for a less dangerous option. As part of your pre-planned funeral you can discuss whether you require embalming or not. It will almost certainly be included within your pre-paid funeral costs, whether you choose to use the option, or not.   Related articles I Embalmed My...

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How To Go Green With Your Coffin

While deeply religious people have great expectations of the quality of coffin used during a burial or cremation, many people have the view that the coffin is going to be buried below ground very soon or cremated during the religious or humanitarian service. For all these people involved, you can consider whether it makes sense, in the modern age, to use the most expensive wood and cutting down a tree just to provide for a few minutes on show. Many people believe that we need to look after the planet for our future generations and the making and disposal of coffins should be as carbon natural as possible for the environment. How to offset your carbon footprint You’ve probably heard about offsetting your carbon footprint when you fly across the world or drive your car excessively down the U.K.’s route of motorways. Nowadays, you can consider ways to offset your carbon footprint when you order a coffin for yourself, when you purchase a prepaid funeral plan for your own use, for a friend or a family member. Some companies will offer to plant a tree in a memorial woodland for each coffin that is constructed, offsetting the CO2 as a coffin is burnt, by growing a tree You can select a cardboard coffin made from 100% recyclable paper you can choose a coffin made from a carefully selected sustainable forest You can calculate your own funeral carbon footprint with this useful tool  and online calculator. You can construct an entirely green related funeral if you are an environmentally friendly person. If you pass on these instructions as part of your prepaid funeral plan, you will ensure that your wishes are carried out exactly as you would have wanted....

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