What to Say When Someone Dies

The website, mindbodygreen, has a great article about what you should never say to someone who is grieving after the loss of a loved one, and manages to balance the writing by sharing what could and maybe should be said. Whenever you’ve not been sure what to say to someone, the article may help you considerably. You do not want to say the wrong thing, which is why some people say very little and others say nothing and avoid the person grieving. Mostly, but not always, people wish to talk when they are grieving as it’s all part of the process. Where you have organised a funeral plan in advance, the grieving process is easier to handle because you can concentrate on the right things and not on how much you wish to spend on flowers and deciding over how many cars you need for the funeral. Related articles Grieve Your Way Your...

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Should You Talk to the Widow?

After someone has died, neighbours, friends and colleagues from work may be unable to talk to you about the deceased, the funeral and any other matters relating to those subjects. People are worried they may say the wrong thing and may try and avoid a widow or family member when they meet them outside of home or work. While it is true that many people do struggle to talk about death, it is usually helpful for those closest to the deceased person to talk with friends, neighbours and colleagues about the person who has died. They may ask about whether a pre-paid funeral plan exists or if the deceased had any particular final wishes. They want to ask questions about the funeral and may be afraid to ask. Those that do step forward to ask you about ways in which they can help you at this time, will be of a great help to you and if there are any tasks which require completing, these may just be the right people that can help you at this time. As soon as the ice is broken with the people closely affected by the death, most individuals will find that it is better to talk about the subject than to avoid it and people who have lost someone close to them recently will be pleased to talk rather than being left alone at a time of great...

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