Dumb Ways to Die Video

This video is a must-see for those who worry about the ‘silly’ things people do in life that endanger their lives. It shows you how to avoid an easy accident, or even death. You can always click here to go and watch it on their website. Before trying any of the ideas mentioned, you should, perhaps, consider organising your funeral plan...

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What Happens During a Cremation?

Many people worry about what actually happens during a cremation. Here’s a video on YouTube  – The Truth About Cremation, The British Funeral – which explains the whole process with due dignity, yet provides you with all the knowledge you need. Many people worry about the myths surrounding cremations, such as: How can you be certain that the ashes belong to the correct person? Will they cremate two people together? Can I watch the cremation process? Your funeral director will be able to explain these and any other questions you may have, or contact us and we’ll help you. Related articles What does a Funeral Director do,...

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