The Last Laugh, After Your Death

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The Last Laugh, After Your Death
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Spike Milligan, the legendary comedian, who kept us laughing while he was alive, had the last laugh when the inscription on his gravestone (in Gaelic) read “I told you I was ill.”  American comedian, David Brenner, who died in March, 2014, has gone one step further, by writing his final laugh lines into his last will and testament.

His will has lines such as :

  • “All I want is a small stone on the grave site with these words; ‘Here lies David Brenner. He lived, he died, but MAN DID HE LIVE!’ ”
  • Of his gravestone: “On the flip side I want ‘If this is supposed to be a joke — I don’t get it.’ ”
  • “I desire to be buried in or as close to New York City as possible, because this is the city of my dreams, my best times, my heart and my life.”
  • “I request a very modest burial, no fancy box, no pillow (you think at a time like this I’m worried about a headache?), no special suit (jeans and nice shirt will be fine, but make sure my high-top sneakers are tied properly).
  • “Place one hundred dollars in small bills in my left sock (just in case tipping is recommended where I’m going).”
  • Under “Personal Farewell” he wrote, “To those who have been kind to me and have loved me, I thank you. To those who were not kind to me and didn’t love me, I hope you’re next!”

Whether you choose to be as amusing with your last will and testament is your own choice and it would be wise to consider the feelings of those you leave behind when considering how they will receive any amusing messages that you choose in your Will writing process.

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