Turn Your Loved One Into a Diamnond

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Turn Your Loved One Into a Diamnond
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Following a cremation, human remains can be turned into a diamond and kept in the family line as a piece of jewellery. A Swiss company, Algordanza, turns around 900 people a year into exclusive jewellery with a turnaround time of approximately 3 months.

The majority of diamonds become blue, which might come from the small amounts of boron found in the human body. Some diamonds become yellow, white or almost black, but each diamond will be different from the rest and always unique.

The fee for this work ranges between US$5000 and US$22,000. The process is similar to how a synthetic lab uses carbon materials to make diamonds. The person’s ashes are made into carbon and placed into a machine which will apply intense pressure and heat for a number of weeks. After the diamonds have cooled they are shaped and cut. All that is required is one pound of ashes. A standard sized person’s ashes can produce nine different diamonds.

Enter “Ashes to diamonds” and “UK” into a Google search engine and you can find 5900+ results in less than a second to direct you to companies who carry out the procedure within the UK. Some companies quote prices from around £200 up to almost no limit, so it may pay you to shop around for the best deal.

While some people will consider these actions as incredibly poor taste, many other people will be able to hold and cherish a part of their loved one for the rest of their life, knowing that the diamond can be passed on successfully to other family members.

If you would prefer to be buried and return as part of a tree, click the link here.

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