What You Must Do After Someone Dies

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What You Must Do After Someone Dies
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After someone dies, there can be a lot of confusion about the tasks that need to be completed within a short period of time, such as arranging the funeral, compared to the long-term tasks like dealing with the last will and testament and completing the probate for the deceased’s estate.


A collection of articles from The Money Advice Service takes you through the various stages after someone has died. For those who are unsure what has to happen in the first few days after a death, the first set of articles will prove extremely useful. The second set of information is all about dealing with someone’s estate which includes payment of any debts and taxes that are necessary.

The third section deals with how all of the finances will be arranged after one partner dies and the other is left to cope on a different income, but perhaps, after an insurance payout. The fourth set of articles discusses how you can plan ahead after a bereavement when you need to update your will and reconsider your retirement planning.

All the information you need online

Helpful articles can provide all the information you need at a time which is probably distressing to you and members of your family and friends, after the death of someone close to you. Instead of listening to myths and taking guesses, you’ll find the answers to most of your questions in these helpful articles.

One of the best ways to plan how to deal with the funeral after someone dies is to pre-purchase or advance purchase and pay for a funeral plan so that you know the funeral is arranged and paid for, well before the event. This lowers the stress for those left behind. They will also be pleased to have paid at today’s price to protect against future rises of a funeral director’s costs as inflation gradually increases the fees and expenses, year after year.

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