Why Accept A Traditional Coffin?

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Why Accept A Traditional Coffin?
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You don’t have to accept the standard, traditional coffin that your funeral director offers to you.

After all, while a coffin does serve an important role as part of the funeral process, with around 75% of people choosing a cremation over a burial across the UK, is the use of the most expensive wood the best use of your money?

For the environmentally conscious, choosing a 100% recycled cardboard coffin or making a preference for bamboo and willow coffins at least provides you with a range of choice, whether you have arranged a pre-paid funeral, or not.

Print a design onto your coffin

An Oxford company, Colourful Coffins  can print for you, on recycled paper, picture coffin designs so that you can choose to be buried or cremated in the national flag of your choice or your favourite football team’s stadium and colours.

If you don’t wish to choose one of their hundreds of existing designs you can invent your own and they will print directly on to the coffin of your choice.

When you have chosen to use the cremation route, you can select from the same range of designs to complete your ashes casket.

You can’t buy direct from the Colourful Coffin Company, but you can liaise with your own funeral director to arrange for your designer send off.

While you are arranging a prepaid funeral plan, you can ask your preferred choice of funeral director to order your coffin, complete with your favourite design and all of this can form part of your funeral plan.

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