Why Do People Treat the Elderly so Poorly?

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Why Do People Treat the Elderly so Poorly?
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On 21st February, 2014, the Daily Mail, in England, printed several stories that highlighted the terrible way that several elderly people had been treated by friends and family.

As these stories include several legal cases with some still running in court on this day of writing, you should note that not all of the people may be guilty of the offences they have been charged with, so it is up to the reader to check the outcome of each court case that they wish to pass comment on. This article is more about the problems that exist in society rather than discussing the  circumstances of a particular court case. Some of these people involved may be innocent or guilty and it is up to the courts to decide.

Case one

A person constantly told their boss that their father had died to try and obtain three weeks off work. They also produced a fake death certificate to help ensure a period of compassionate leave which they wanted to start on New Year’s Eve. Details here

Case two

A pensioner owned a property worth around £1.8 million, but was talked into selling it for just over half the price to the estate agent’s property developer brother-in-law. Details here

Case three

One lady didn’t try to find work, it was suggested, because she was waiting for her mother’s inheritance. The mother in question, changed her will on her deathbed and cut out the daughter who hadn’t worked for several years. The daughter is now asking the judge to change that will because she claims it was updated in a manner that suggested the will was invalid. Details here

Case four

One businessman read a eulogy at a close friend’s funeral, before he stole the entire pension fund from the widow. This fraudster admitted to 22 charges of obtaining a money transfer by deception with up to 50 people being fleeced across 12 years. Details here

In all of these cases hundreds of thousands of pounds were involved and even in the final case where the man admitted to fraud totalling £1.6 million, the police believe the scam was worth more than £3 million.

These court cases prove that it is essential for individuals to have their wills written, signed and witnessed correctly and where there is any doubt of the state of mind of the person completing their will, medical evidence is required to confirm the person’s capacity to understand the actions they were taking.

A Lasting Power of Attorney may have helped some of the people involved in these cases, but some people will always try and commit fraud and not always necessarily for large sums of money.

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