Will They Remember to Collect Your Ashes?

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Will They Remember to Collect Your Ashes?
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Many people wonder what they should do with the ashes of a deceased loved one, following a cremation. There are no hard and fast rules to adhere to. Nevertheless, it is better that something is decided for a person’s ashes, rather than leaving them, forever, at the crematorium.

One decision involves having the ashes buried in a cemetery or in another location, while others will take the ashes away and have them scattered in a particularly important place which meant something to the person who has died.

To a football supporter, this might be across the football pitch of their favourite team, while a golfer might choose the 18th green. A fishing enthusiast might prefer their ashes to be scattered at sea or where a couple regularly visited a favourite park, that would become the obvious place for the ashes to finish their journey.

Sometimes, family members cannot decide what is to happen to the ashes. Where siblings disagree about where ashes should be scattered, it might be a good idea to split the ashes between the relevant brothers and sisters so that each can have their last moment with the deceased.

A New Zealand newspaper has recently printed an article which describes the high numbers of people that simply leave the ashes at the crematorium because individuals either cannot make a decision about where the ashes are to be scattered or interned, or they simply forget because of age, frailty or death amongst the people who were going to make the decisions.

The best way to decide where your ashes are going to be scattered is to decide in advance and by organising your own funeral plan, you are effectively organising your own funeral and will remove the worry for those that you leave behind when they have to consider where your ashes are to be scattered.

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