Would You Rent A Coffin For Your Funeral?

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Would You Rent A Coffin For Your Funeral?
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Choosing the right coffin is an important element of organising a funeral for you, or someone else. The make, style and cost are all important elements to the person making the decision and how it reflects upon others. Nevertheless, the coffin is going to be burnt or buried under the ground and only available, visually, for a short period of time; so what choices should you make?

The range of caskets and coffins available is considerable, with prices from less than £100 to a top of the range model, costing several thousand pounds.

Choose From An Undertakers Selection?

You do not have to choose a coffin or casket from a selection shown by your undertaker or funeral director. Although you may be completing an emotional purchase at the time of high stress, you still need to consider your budget for the funeral among all the other associated costs at this stage of your life.

While carrying out your research, you will need to know the difference between caskets and coffins. A casket is constructed with four sides and the top and the bottom; whereas a coffin is made with six sides and the top and the bottom. A coffin is wider at the shoulder space for the deceased person and slimmer along the leg length. Although the majority of selections are caskets, they are usually known as coffins. Confusing: yes?

Worried about appearances?

Most people would not wish to be known as cutting corners on the finances, when you choose a coffin. Also, you would not want to be disrespectful to the dead by choosing the cheapest possible model, but would they have minded and are you wasting money by spending more?

In the varying price ranges, there is little distinction in the appearances between a rather cheap veneered MDF oak look coffin and the solid oak version which will cost you at least six times as much. By spending less money on the coffin, most people won’t be able to tell the difference.

Going green?

Rather than contributing to the cutting down of a forest, you can choose wood that has been carefully selected from a managed forest, where the wood content is constantly assessed and new trees grown in the area. Alternatively, you can choose bamboo, willow or a cardboard coffin. Not all of these will necessarily be the cheapest coffin that you can purchase, but you might consider that you are being more environmentally friendly, by making one of these choices.

Once you understand what you can afford for a coffin and know what looks good and correct to you, it is easier to make a final decision. Where you are choosing a coffin for yourself, it helps if you have completed your research in advance and having purchased a pre-paid funeral plan so your own funeral arrangements will be in place and your choice of coffin already decided.

Over in the Caribbean, people tend to spend more money on a funeral, in comparison to the UK. Where a coffin must be imported, they can become extremely expensive. Following the world recession, some people are turning to rent a casket or a coffin for a cremation or perhaps a memorial service, or where there is a viewing of the body. The expensive and rented casket is then removed before the individual is interned.

The cost of renting is significantly less than the price of purchasing a coffin and when you consider the length of its use; it may make financial and environmental sense to choose renting over purchasing. Nevertheless, this idea is a complete mindset change and may take decades to catch on, across the UK.

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